Liz Mumford has represented our community for the past seven years on the Board of Education in Davis School District, currently holding the position of Board President. She has established relationships of trust with Davis County residents, elected officials, and business leaders who value her responsiveness, levelheaded decision-making, and integrity. Her expertise is in building partnerships, conservative policy making, and effective oversight of substantial budgets in the public sector.

Liz’s background includes a degree in education, time raising a family, time teaching in local schools, and most recently a graduate program in Public Administration at the Marriott School of Management at BYU. Her commitment to public service and civic involvement runs deep with leadership roles in many organizations.

Family is central for Liz- she and her husband Russ are the proud parents of four boys and two wonderful daughters-in-law who joined their family last fall.

DCRP Platform Disclosure

I AGREE with ALL areas of the Platform

DCRP Candidate Questions

Q. Clearly articulate your position as it relates to the Davis County Republican Constitution principles and values and how you will implement those principles and values in your decision-making. 75 words or less

A. The proper role of government is to protect our rights and represent the will of the people. I believe that the best governance happens closest to us. At the commission level, I’ll make conservative policy and fiscally responsible budget decisions that create conditions for families to thrive and for businesses to prosper. The county plays a critical role in promoting a business-friendly environment that invites economic development and in preserving public safety.

Q. If you do not agree with any of the principles and values of the Davis County Republican Constitution, provide why you do not agree and offer an alternate position and support that position. 75 words or less

A. I agree with and support the principles and values of the DCRP platform. I chose to be a Republican when I became a voter decades ago because the core values align with my personal principles and moral compass. I respect the importance of civil dialogue and diversity of thought within the scope of foundational principles that we share as Republicans.

Q. Governing is difficult work and requires standing for positions that may be unpopular or are popular. In either case, your approach to advocate for positions requires leadership skills. Please describe in detail your decision-making process and your ability to negotiate with others to put forward your ideas and approaches. 75 words or less

A. I’ve built a culture of shared governance and public engagement during some of the most tumultuous times in recent history in my elected role. My advocacy and decision-making process relies on 1) accurate data analysis, 2) input from Davis County residents, elected officials, and business leaders, and 3) alignment with principles and values. I collaborate effectively to generate solutions. I build partnerships and am known for responsiveness, levelheaded decision-making, and integrity.