Get Involved

We are happy you want to help keep Utah free. The Davis County Republican Party is run by Davis County voters that decided they needed to get involved. The DCRP has many different roles that you can contribute. Take a look at some of the suggestions below. If you have any questions let us know.

One way is to run for Office. Everyone has different skills that qualify them to represent their community. Below are some of the roles you can run for to get involved.

  • Federal Level
    • US President
    • US Senator
    • US Representative
  • State Level
    • UT Governor
    • UT Senator
    • UT Representative
  • State Party Level
    • State Party Leadership
    • State Central Committee
    • State Delegate
  • County Level
    • County Commissioner
    • County Clerk
    • County Auditor
    • County Assessor
    • County Sheriff
    • County Attorney
    • County Treasurer
    • County Surveyor
  • County Party Level
    • County Party Leadership
    • County Delegate
  • Municipal Level
    • City Mayor
    • City Council
    • Precinct Leadership

The Davis County Republican Party is funded primarily by its members: you, the voters in Davis County. We don’t charge membership fees or require donations to participate. All Donations are voluntary.

Donations help the Party to elect Republicans to Office. Party funds are also used to pay for facilities used for Caucus Night, Meet the Candidate events, and other Party functions.

The Davis County Republican Party frequently holds events where we may need additional help. If you are interested in joining our list of Volunteers, fill out the form below and we will contact you when there is a need at one of our events. We typically have a need on a quarterly basis to help out with County Central Committee, Convention, or Caucus.

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If you are unsure of your precinct you can look it up using the Davis County Precinct Map in the Resources section of our site.

Everything we do revolves around elections. In addition to volunteering to help out you can help our Clerks office as well come time for election.

There a two ways you can help out with elections:

  • Be an Election Worker
    • The Davis County Clerks office is always looking for people to get trained and help out in the election process.
    • Election Workers help out at either the polling locations, where they collect ballots for in person voting, or at the County Tabulation Center, counting and verifying the Mail In Ballots.
    • Volunteers go through a mandatory training class to teach you the approved way to conduct the election according to Utah State Code.
    • You can sign up by clicking here if you are interested.
  • Be A Poll Watcher
    • Poll Watchers are one of the many important controls in our elections process. Watchers observe how the election is conducted and report any concerns to the Clerks Office for review.
    • Poll Watchers can be sponsored by a Party, a Candidate, or just be a member of Davis County.
    • To register as a watcher, please visit the Clerks Office in person prior to elections. You will need to know the Location and Time for which you plan to be a watcher.
      • Based on how many people they have already registered, there may be a limit on how many people can be at each location.
    • For additional reference please click to see Utah State Code 20A-3a-8

Just interested in seeing the process? The Clerks office holds regular open houses to see what goes into conducting an election. Utah State Code also requires a test be conducted before each election and an audit afterwards that members of the public are welcome attend. For more information on these dates and times, check the County Clerks calendar at

The Party holds many fundraising and meet and greet events throughout the year. These are great ways to meet fellow-minded Republicans, meet and hear from elected officials, and join together in patriotic activities with food, fun and friends.