Caucus Locations

We look forward to seeing you at Caucus this year!

Let’s look up your caucus location.

First, you will need to know what precinct you are in. If you don’t know, click the button below to open a map of Davis County. There you will be able to enter your address and get your precinct number.

Once you have that come back to this page.

To look up your caucus location, enter in your precinct into the search field below.

Make sure to enter the hyphen between the city and the precinct number like this BO-11.

Also if you have a precinct number that is a single digit number like Bountiful 1, make sure to enter a 0 (zero) before the number like this BO-01.


Caucus Locations Last Updated:2/28/24 5:30pm

Enter Your Precinct Here

PrecinctLocationClassroomAddressClick Below To Pre-Register For Caucus NOW
BO-01Farmington High School1307
BO-02Viewmont High School120
BO-03Viewmont High SchoolAuditorium C
BO-04Viewmont High SchoolMain Gym A
BO-05Viewmont High SchoolCommons B
BO-06Viewmont High SchoolCommons A
BO-07Viewmont High SchoolAuditorium A
BO-08Viewmont High SchoolSmall Gym B
BO-09Viewmont High SchoolCafeteria B
BO-10Viewmont High SchoolAuditorium D
BO-11Viewmont High School160
BO-12Viewmont High SchoolLibrary B
BO-13Viewmont High SchoolMain Gym B
BO-14Viewmont High SchoolSmall Gym A
BO-15Viewmont High SchoolAuditorium B
BO-16Millcreek Junior High School211
BO-17Millcreek Junior High School213
BO-18Millcreek Junior High School215
BO-19Millcreek Junior High School219
BO-20Millcreek Junior High SchoolCafeteria
BO-21Millcreek Junior High SchoolLibrary
BO-22Millcreek Junior High School221
BO-23Woods Cross High School219
BO-24Millcreek Junior High School223
BO-25Millcreek Junior High School233
BO-26Millcreek Junior High School235
BO-27Millcreek Junior High SchoolChoir Room
BO-28Millcreek Junior High School229
BO-29Millcreek Junior High School231
BO-30Millcreek Junior High School241
BO-31Millcreek Junior High School239
BO-32Millcreek Junior High School237
BO-33Woods Cross High School205
BO-34South Davis Junior Hish School112
BO-35South Davis Junior Hish School116
BO-36South Davis Junior Hish School109
BO-37South Davis Junior Hish School107
BO-38South Davis Junior Hish SchoolCafeteria
BO-39South Davis Junior Hish School118
BO-40South Davis Junior Hish SchoolMedia/Library
BO-41South Davis Junior Hish School111
BO-42South Davis Junior Hish School113
BO-43South Davis Junior Hish School115
BO-44South Davis Junior Hish SchoolGymnasium
CE-01Farmington High SchoolWrestling A1953
CE-02Farmington High SchoolAuditorium A1901
CE-03Farmington High SchoolAux Gym A1952
CE-04Farmington High SchoolGym A1940
CE-05Farmington High School1404
CE-06Farmington High School1103
CE-07Farmington High SchoolCommons
CE-08Farmington High School1109
CE-09Farmington High School2606
CE-10Farmington High School1206
CE-11Farmington High School2406
CE-12Farmington High School2208
CE-13Farmington High School2408
CE-14Farmington High School2810
CE-15Farmington High School1402
CE-16Farmington High School1111
CE-17Viewmont High School121
CE-18Farmington High Schoolx
CF-01Sunset Junior High School226
CF-02Sunset Junior High School227
CF-03Sunset Junior High School222
CF-04Sunset Junior High School254
CF-05Sunset Junior High School223
CF-06Sunset Junior High School210
CF-07Sunset Junior High School209
CF-08Sunset Junior High School233
CF-09Sunset Junior High School252
CF-10Syracuse High School2322
CF-11North Davis Junior High School
CF-12North Davis Junior High School
CF-13North Davis Junior High School
CF-14North Davis Junior High School
CF-15North Davis Junior High School
CF-16North Davis Junior High School
CF-17North Davis Junior High School
CF-18North Davis Junior High School
CF-19North Davis Junior High School
CF-20North Davis Junior High School
CF-21North Davis Junior High School
CF-22North Davis Junior High School
CF-23North Davis Junior High School
CF-24North Davis Junior High School
CL-01West Point Junior High School1401
CL-02West Point Junior High School1402
CL-03Sunset Junior High School105
CL-04Sunset Junior High School107
CL-05Sunset Junior High School123
CL-06West Point Junior High School1406
CL-07West Point Junior High School1403
CL-08West Point Junior High School2403
CL-09Sunset Junior High School125
CL-10Sunset Junior High School127
CL-11Sunset Junior High School129
CL-12West Point Junior High School2402
CL-13West Point Junior High School2401
CL-14West Point Junior High School2404
CL-15West Point Junior High School2406
CL-16Sunset Junior High School158
CL-17Sunset Junior High School132
CL-18Sunset Junior High School162
CL-19West Point Junior High School2423
CL-20Sunset Junior High School164
CL-21Sunset Junior High School134
CL-22Sunset Junior High School168
FA-01Davis High School1800
FA-02Davis High School1812
FA-03Farmington High School1301
FA-04Davis High School1407
FA-05Farmington High School1309
FA-06Farmington High SchoolChoral A1914
FA-07Farmington High School2307
FA-08Farmington High SchoolBand A1924
FA-09Farmington High School2202
FA-10Farmington High School1408
FA-11Farmington High School2610
FA-12Farmington High School2303
FA-13Farmington High School1208
FA-14Farmington High School1802
FA-15Farmington High School1806
FA-16Farmington High School2604
FA-17Farmington High School2109
FA-18Farmington High SchoolTheater A1930
FA-19Farmington High School2105
FA-20Farmington High School2206
FA-21Farmington High School1210
FA-22Farmington High School2103
FA-23Farmington High School1612
FA-24Farmington High School1303
FH-01Davis High School1202
FH-02Davis High School1404
FH-03Davis High School1406
FH-04Davis High School1407
FH-05Davis High School1409
FH-06Davis High School1318
FH-07Davis High School1408
FH-08Davis High School1310
HA-01Northridge High SchoolB217
KA-01Layton High SchoolCafeteria
KA-02Layton High SchoolBand 152
KA-03Layton High SchoolChoir
KA-04Layton High School182
KA-05Layton High School195
KA-06Davis High School2214
KA-07Davis High School1309
KA-08Davis High School1307
KA-09Davis High School2212
KA-10Davis High School1304
KA-11Davis High School2201
KA-12Shoreline Junior High School1305
KA-13Shoreline Junior High SchoolGym 3
KA-14Shoreline Junior High SchoolGym 1
KA-15Shoreline Junior High SchoolGym 4
KA-16Shoreline Junior High SchoolCommons 2
KA-17Shoreline Junior High SchoolGreen Harvest Commons
KA-18Davis High School2205
KA-19Davis High School2206
KA-20Davis High School2208
KA-21Davis High School1308
KA-22Davis High School1416
KA-23Davis High School2211
KA-24Shoreline Junior High SchoolCommons 1
KA-25Shoreline Junior High SchoolGym 2
KA-26Davis High School2310
KA-27Davis High School2309
KA-28Davis High School2306
KA-29Farmington High School2311
KA-30Farmington High School2404
KA-31Farmington High School1602
KA-32Davis High School2304
KA-33Davis High School1501
KA-34Davis High School1508
KA-35Davis High School1509
KA-36Farmington High School1410
LA-01Northridge High SchoolCafeteria
LA-02Northridge High SchoolB216
LA-03Northridge High SchoolB119
LA-04Northridge High SchoolAuditorium
LA-05Northridge High SchoolLibrary Conference Room
LA-06Layton High SchoolSmall Theater 154
LA-07Northridge High SchoolB217
LA-08Northridge High SchoolB218
LA-09Northridge High SchoolB218
LA-10Northridge High SchoolCareer Center
LA-11Northridge High SchoolB209
LA-12Northridge High SchoolB210
LA-13Northridge High SchoolB211
LA-14North Davis Junior High School
LA-15North Davis Junior High School
LA-16Northridge High SchoolB212
LA-17Northridge High SchoolB214
LA-18Northridge High SchoolB218
LA-19Northridge High SchoolB215
LA-20Northridge High SchoolAuditorium
LA-21Northridge High SchoolMedia Center
LA-22Northridge High SchoolLittle Theater
LA-23Legacy Junior High SchoolDining/Cafeteria
LA-24Legacy Junior High SchoolStage
LA-25Legacy Junior High School1204/1200
LA-26Shoreline Junior High School1310
LA-27Shoreline Junior High SchoolOrange Earth Commons-Right
LA-28Shoreline Junior High SchoolBlue Transmit Commons-Left
LA-29Shoreline Junior High SchoolOrange Transport Commons-Left
LA-30Layton High School184
LA-31Layton High School193
LA-32Layton High School186
LA-33Layton High School188
LA-34Layton High School189
LA-35Layton High School187
LA-36Layton High School185
LA-37Layton High School163
LA-38Layton High School162
LA-39Layton High School164
LA-40Layton High SchoolPhoto 165
LA-41Layton High School176-177
LA-42Layton High School169
LA-43Legacy Junior High School1102
LA-44Legacy Junior High School2116
LA-45Legacy Junior High SchoolGym 1
LA-46Legacy Junior High SchoolGym 2
LA-47Legacy Junior High SchoolGym 3
LA-48Legacy Junior High School2106
LA-49Legacy Junior High SchoolGym 4
LA-50Legacy Junior High School2201
LA-51Layton High School191
LA-52Layton High School183
LA-53Layton High School181
LA-54Layton High School167
LA-55Layton High SchoolAuditorium
LA-56Layton High School166
LA-57Layton High School170
LA-58Layton High School190
LA-59Layton High School179
LA-60Legacy Junior High SchoolMedia Center
LA-61Shoreline Junior High School1202
LA-62Shoreline Junior High SchoolLibrary-2100
LA-63Shoreline Junior High School1223
LA-64Shoreline Junior High School1208
LA-65Shoreline Junior High SchoolOrange Transport Commons-Right
LA-66Layton High School172
LA-67Layton High School174
LA-68Layton High School173
LA-69Layton High School175
LA-70Layton High School192
LA-71Shoreline Junior High SchoolBlue Transmist Commons-Right
LA-72Shoreline Junior High SchoolOrange Earch Commons-Left
LA-73Shoreline Junior High SchoolPurple Human Zone Commons
LA-74Shoreline Junior High School1214
LA-75Shoreline Junior High SchoolBlue Design Zone Commons
LA-76Layton High School180
LA-77Northridge High SchoolB202
NS-01Foxboro ElementaryMultipurpose Room (Gym)
NS-02Foxboro ElementaryLunch Room
NS-03Foxboro ElementaryWinter Neighborhood Wing Common Area
NS-04Foxboro ElementaryFall Neighborhood Wing Common Area
NS-05Foxboro ElementaryDrama/Fine Arts Room (E04)
NS-06Foxboro ElementarySummer Neighborhood Wing Common Area
NS-07Woods Cross High School218
NS-08Woods Cross High School212
NS-09Woods Cross High School217
NS-10Woods Cross High School210
NS-11Woods Cross High School203
NS-12Woods Cross High School603
NS-13Woods Cross High School602
NS-14Woods Cross High SchoolAuditorium
NS-15Woods Cross High School612
NS-16Woods Cross High School611
NS-17Woods Cross High SchoolCafeteria
NS-18Woods Cross High School107/Choir Room
NS-19Woods Cross High SchoolMedia Center
NS-20Woods Cross High School102/Little Theater
SU-01Sunset Junior High School172
SU-02Sunset Junior High School174
SU-03Sunset Junior High School160
SU-04Sunset Junior High School166
SW-01South Weber Elementary
SW-02South Weber Elementary
SW-03South Weber Elementary
SW-04South Weber Elementary
SW-05South Weber Elementary
SW-06South Weber Elementary
SW-07South Weber Elementary
SW-08South Weber Elementary
SW-09Northridge High SchoolB202
SW-10Northridge High SchoolB203
SW-11Northridge High SchoolB202
SY-01Syracuse High School1001
SY-02Syracuse High School1007
SY-03Syracuse High School1009
SY-04Syracuse High School1009
SY-05Syracuse High School2318
SY-06Syracuse High School1016
SY-07Syracuse High School2322
SY-08West Point Junior High School1424
SY-09Syracuse High School1012
SY-10Syracuse High School1105
SY-11Syracuse High School1321
SY-12Syracuse High School1228
SY-13Syracuse High School1110
SY-14Syracuse High School1110
SY-15Syracuse High School1112
SY-16Syracuse High School1105
SY-17Syracuse High School1115
SY-18Syracuse High School1115
SY-19Syracuse High School1201
SY-20Syracuse High School1201
SY-21Syracuse High School1214
SY-22Syracuse High School1118
SY-23Syracuse High School1118
SY-24Syracuse High School2308
SY-25Syracuse High School2308
SY-26Syracuse High School2321
SY-27Syracuse High School2316
SY-28Syracuse High School2313
SY-29Syracuse High School2316
SY-30Syracuse High School2319
SY-31Syracuse High School2321
SY-32Legacy Junior High School1111/1110
SY-33Legacy Junior High School1216/1210
SY-34Legacy Junior High School1513
SY-35Legacy Junior High School1502
SY-36Legacy Junior High School1509
SY-37Legacy Junior High School1106
SY-38Legacy Junior High SchoolX
WB-01Farmington High School2709
WB-02Farmington High School2701
WB-03Viewmont High SchoolAuditorium C
WB-04Viewmont High SchoolMain Gym A
WB-05Viewmont High SchoolLibrary A
WB-06Viewmont High SchoolCafeteria C
WP-01West Point Junior High School1425
WP-02West Point Junior High School1426
WP-03West Point Junior High School2421
WP-04West Point Junior High School1421
WP-05West Point Junior High School2424
WP-06West Point Junior High School2425
WP-07West Point Junior High School1423
WP-08West Point Junior High School2426
WP-09West Point Junior High School2504
WP-10West Point Junior High School2502
WP-11West Point Junior High School2523
WP-12West Point Junior High School2524
WP-13West Point Junior High School2525
WP-14West Point Junior High School2526
WP-15West Point Junior High School2521
WX-01Woods Cross High School401
WX-02Woods Cross High School402
WX-03Woods Cross High School411
WX-04Woods Cross High School409
WX-05Woods Cross High SchoolCommons
WX-06Woods Cross High School407
WX-07Woods Cross High School405
WX-08Woods Cross High School403
WX-09Woods Cross High School404
WX-10Woods Cross High School406
WX-11Woods Cross High School408