Convention General Info

What are they?

Conventions are held at least once each year. At conventions, county delegates from every precinct in Davis County convene to meet and vote for candidates for public or party office. Delegates may also vote on proposed changes to the governing documents. Conventions are usually held at a local school and provide opportunities to get to know candidates and fellow members of the party. Official notices for convention are sent out via email by the Party Secretary prior to the day of convention. Dates are also posted on the Events section of this page.

Nominating Conventions

This type of convention is held on even numbered years shortly after caucus. At Nominating convention delegates will vote on county and state elected officials in order to send someone to the General Election or, if multiple candidates meet a specific threshold of votes, a Primary Election.

Organizing Conventions

This type of convention is held on odd numbered years. At Organizing Convention, delegates will vote on party leadership roles. Individuals that are voted in at convention will lead the party for the next two years. Any Republican residing in Davis County can run.


Special Replacement Conventions

This type of convention is held when a mid-term vacancy becomes available. The party will notify delegates in the affected district and they will meet to elect a replacement. The elected individual will complete the remainder of the term.

For more information on a specific convention check out the Convention sub pages or Convention Event pages in the Events Section of the site.