DCRP Leadership Team

DCRP Leadership


Yemi Arunsi

DCRP Chair


Scott Fletcher

DCRP Vice Chair


Liz Beidoun

DCRP Secretary


Justin Boling

DCRP Treasurer

Legislative District Chairs and Vice Chairs

  • The Legislative District Chair is elected at Organizing Convention and is responsible for planning and organizing caucus and maintaining an accurate roster of the people in their district.
  • The Precinct Chairs report to the Legislative District Chair.
  • The Legislative District Vice Chair assists the Chair in their duties and is also a member of the Executive Committee.
Leg 11 ChairTobin Hagen
Leg 11 Vice ChairMichelle Roberts
Leg 12 ChairTawra Tobler
Leg 12 Vice ChairVacant
Leg 13 ChairShane Shurtliff
Leg 13 Vice ChairRobert Fesler
Leg 14 ChairBruce Young
Leg 14 Vice ChairMargaret Smith
Leg 15 ChairTyson Plastow
Leg 15 Vice ChairJen Savage
Leg 16 ChairDan Bowman
Leg 16 Vice ChairBritshana Barfuss
Leg 17 ChairLilian Bitner
Leg 17 Vice ChairEric Chamberlain
Leg 18 ChairSherry Paul
Leg 18 Vice ChairAnna Kirchmeier
Leg 19 ChairLisa Fifield
Leg 19 Vice ChairAdam Beidoun
Leg 20 ChairTerry Findling
Leg 20 Vice ChairErin Farrer

Senate District Chairs and Vice Chairs

  • The Senate District Chair is elected at Organizing Convention and is responsible for planning and organizing events to raise funds for the party.
  • The Senate District Vice Chair assists the Chair in their duties and is also a member of the Executive Committee.
RoleNameEmail Phone Number
Sen 4 ChairTom Clay
Sen 4 Vice ChairKeven McFarland
Sen 5 ChairKarece Thompson
Sen 5 Vice ChairKen Ebi
Sen 6 ChairSusan Lee
Sen 6 Vice ChairAaron Flint
Sen 7 ChairSteve Fershtut
Sen 7 Vice ChairDrew Chamberlainthenolightrailguy@juno.com801-875-1253
Sen 8 ChairBryce Hansen
Sen 8 Vice ChairAlicia Brown

Ethics Committee Members

The Ethics Committee investigates complaints submitted by any party member and reports findings to the Executive Committee. Complaints may be submitted to the Committee Chair with evidence that Governing Documents were violated.

Elizabeth Nielsen17
Randy Toplar12
Marilyn Buelo14
William Hueber18
Brian Oswald15

Constitution & Bylaws Committee Members

The C&B Committee maintains the Governing Documents and makes recommendations to the Executive and County Central Committees on proposed amendments to the Governing Documents.

ChairJesse Barociojesse@barocio.net
Vice-ChairHelen Wattshellenwatts.gop@gmail.com

Credentialing Committee Members

The Credentialing Committee issue credentials at County Central Committee meetings and Conventions to eligible voters. They also help to track the number of voters that have been credentialed at these events to provide an accurate count for the elections process.

ChairJim Harris
Vice ChairAmanda
MemberMichelle Roberts
MemberRobert Fesler
MemberMargaret Smith
MemberJen Savage
MemberBritshana Barfuss
MemberEric Chamberlain
MemberAnna Kirchmeier
MemberAdam Beidoun
MemberErin Farrer
MemberKeven McFarland
MemberKen Ebi
MemberAaron Flint
MemberDrew Chamberlain
MemberAlicia Brown

Technology Committee Members

The Technology Committee maintains the website and offers assistance where needed when implementing new technology into operations of the party.

ChairAdam Beidoun
Vice ChairTom Clay

Elections Committee Members

The Elections Committee collects and tabulates the ballots at each convention and provides an official report on the results of the tabulation.

ChairDavid Stringfellow
Vice Chair

Lincoln Club Members

The Lincoln Club is the fund-raising arm of the party. They organize and execute events throughout the year. The funds raised are use to support party backed candidates and party operations.

ChairSusan Lee
MemberTom Clay
MemberKeven McFarland
MemberKarece Thompson
MemberKen Ebi
MemberAaron Flint
MemberSteve Fershtut
MemberDrew Chamberlain
MemberBryce Hansen
MemberAlicia Brown
MemberScott Fletcher
MemberJustin Boling