Daniela Harding, a lifelong Republican and dedicated community leader, calls East Layton home with her husband Doug and two of their teenagers, (with the oldest teenager away at college). Her commitment to conservative principles shines through her work as a former Chair of the Davis County Republican Party (where she served for two terms) as well as serving as a former Layton Planning Commissioner. She has also served as a county and state delegate and on the UTGOP State Central Committee, where she was part of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for two terms. She was elected as an Alternate Delegate to represent Utah at the Republican National Convention in 2020 and has also been a member of the UTGOP Convention Committee. Now as a candidate for the Utah House of Representatives, Daniela is laser focused on defending religious freedoms, upholding family values, preserving the Second Amendment, and championing the individual rights of all House District 16 residents.

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