• Elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2022,
  • Vice Chair of Infrastructure & General Government Appropriations Committee, serves on Political Subdivisions & Economic Development and Workforce Services Committees
  • Previous served as Mayor, City Councilmember, Republican State Central Committee, State & County Delegate
  • Husband of the fabulous Sherry Cutler, father of four (mostly) amazing kids, grandpa to 2 perfect grandkids.
  • BS Electrical Engineering, U of U, MBA, BYU
  • Pragmatic problem solver with strong communications skills and experience communicating in high-pressure, high-stakes situations
  • Careful decision maker with a desire to listen and the ability to separate facts from emotions when deliberating
  • Engineering Director for a global technology company with 25 years of experience in technology consulting
  • Lover of music and performing arts, outdoor sports enthusiast who enjoys biking, hiking, running, coaching youth sports

DCRP Platform Disclosure

I AGREE with ALL areas of the Platform