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DCRP Platform Disclosure

I AGREE with ALL areas of the Platform

DCRP Candidate Questions

Q. Clearly articulate your position as it relates to the Davis County Republican Constitution principles and values and how you will implement those principles and values in your decision-making. 75 words or less

A.I have been a conservative republican my whole life.The best part about being in our county party is the platform. It articulates exactly what we as conservatives believe. Having the opportunity to sponsor and vote for legislation that follows the party platform is extremely important. Its principles are a guide to keeping us on track with everything I do at the state level.

Q. Governing is difficult work and requires standing for positions that may be unpopular or are popular. In either case, your approach to advocate for positions requires leadership skills. Please describe in detail your decision-making process and your ability to negotiate with others to put forward your ideas and approaches. 75 words or less

A. One of my biggest strengths has been to stand for what know to be right regardless of what others around me say. I have been an advocate for truth and upholding that constitution as an elected representative. If it’s not constitutional, I don’t support it. Part of negotiating has been through good relationships with those I work with. It’s much easier to get things done when there is a mutual respect with your colleagues. I have worked hard to build that respect, trust and relationships.