Term Start – January 3, 2017 Term End – January 6, 2025

Randy B. Elliott was elected Davis County Commissioner on his 35th birthday, November 8, 2016. He is currently serving his 2nd term as a Commissioner.

Randy is a devoted husband, father and successful business entrepreneur. He and his wife, Julia, have four beautiful daughters. Randy is happy to report that all of his girls are “Daddy’s girls.” He and Julia decided to make their home in Farmington where he is part of a long legacy of Elliott’s to do so.

Randy grew up on a cattle ranch, which taught him that with a little hard work and patience, you can accomplish most anything. Randy attended Utah State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, but also took Business and Agriculture classes to balance him out. The determination and work ethic he learned on the ranch quickly placed him in positions of leadership within several organizations at USU.

After working in Washington, DC with Senator Mike Crapo R-Idaho, Randy returned home with a commitment to build up his community. That commitment includes serving the residents of Davis County – the third largest county in the state by population with over 367,000 residents, but the smallest county land wise.