Term Start – January 7, 2019 Term End – January 5, 2027

Prior to being elected as a Davis County Commissioner, Lorene Miner Kamalu (kuh-MAH-loo) served over four years as a Kaysville City Planning Commissioner. While working in her city, she discovered a passion for planning, policy and citizen engagement and decided to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree. Lorene graduated at the top of her University of Utah executive class in August 2018.

Lorene’s prior experience is in business. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources from Brigham Young University, worked in public relations before having children, then worked from home for over 20 years to grow a sales team of 320 consultants with Creative Memories. Lorene excelled as an entrepreneur, earning national awards and training both regionally and corporately. She worked briefly as a management consultant before turning to public service.

Lorene is proud of her Utah pioneer roots and also values having grown up in Indiana from kindergarten through high school where her father was a university foreign language professor and her mother a musician. She is married to Layne Kamalu, who is part Hawaiian and pursued a medical career. They served as an Air Force active duty family from 1993-2000, stationed first at Scott and then at Hill Air Force Base. When the time came to settle, the Kamalus chose to stay in Davis County because it is an ideal place to raise a family and to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation. Lorene and Layne are the parents of five grown children and grandbabies are starting to join the family. She runs, cycles, lifts weights and practices yoga.