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DCRP Platform Disclosure

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DCRP Candidate Questions

Q. Clearly articulate your position as it relates to the Davis County Republican Constitution principles and values and how you will implement those principles and values in your decision-making. 75 words or less

A. I support the DRCP platform. A particular part important to me is realizing government is rarely the solution. Regarding county government, I will work to reduce its size and move government closer to the people (specifically cities). This will result in reduced taxes, improved services and more freedom for residents. I will be honest, have personal integrity, high moral standards and will resist undue influence by the power and money of special interest groups.

Q. If you do not agree with any of the principles and values of the Davis County Republican Constitution, provide why you do not agree and offer an alternate position and support that position. 75 words or less

A. No disagreement.

Q. Governing is difficult work and requires standing for positions that may be unpopular or are popular. In either case, your approach to advocate for positions requires leadership skills. Please describe in detail your decision-making process and your ability to negotiate with others to put forward your ideas and approaches. 75 words or less

A. Quoting Thomas Sowell, “There are no solutions, only tradeoffs”. Analyzing tradeoffs involves listening carefully to affected parties, analyzing data, and realizing that your opinion may be wrong and may require changing. Leadership involves leading open discussions, helping people understand the tradeoffs and realizing that a decision must be made, despite incomplete information and lack of consensus. Leaders must be willing to revisit decisions and change course if outcomes aren’t as expected, in spite of ego.