Karen Peterson was selected by the delegates in a special election to represent House District 13 (Clearfield, Clinton, Sunset, and West Point) in December 2021. She has lived with her family in Clinton for 17 years and currently works as the Community Development Manager for Sunrise Engineering. Previously she worked as the Legislative Policy Director for Gov. Spencer Cox and as the Deputy Education Policy Advisor for Governor Gary Herbert.

As a two-term member of the Clinton City Council, Karen has experience in local government and municipal policy as well as connections with many community and industry groups. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, and a Master’s of Public Administration from Southern Utah University.

Karen and her husband, Eric, have three children and a very active Australian Shepherd. They have close ties to Hill Air Force Base.

Karen focuses on conservative legislation that supports Utah families and economic opportunities.

DCRP Platform Disclosure

I AGREE with ALL areas of the Platform

DCRP Candidate Questions

Q. Clearly articulate your position as it relates to the Davis County Republican Constitution principles and values and how you will implement those principles and values in your decision-making. 75 words or less

A. As a conservative Republican, I reviewed the Davis County Republican Platform at the beginning and end of each legislative session to ensure I am upholding the values of those that elected me. I believe in the principles of being a fiscal conservative, upholding Constitutional rights such as freedom of religion and the second amendment, valuing families, protecting private property rights, and eliminating unnecessary regulations that hamper free markets.

Q. If you do not agree with any of the principles and values of the Davis County Republican Constitution, provide why you do not agree and offer an alternate position and support that position. 75 words or less

A. I agree with the Davis County Republican Party Constitution and Platform.

Q. Governing is difficult work and requires standing for positions that may be unpopular or are popular. In either case, your approach to advocate for positions requires leadership skills. Please describe in detail your decision-making process and your ability to negotiate with others to put forward your ideas and approaches. 75 words or less

A. As an elected official, I work to be consistent, to listen to constituents, to understand the legislative process, to communicate well, and to do my homework. I am not afraid of hard work. I am able to stand up for what I believe is right and articulate my position. I am willing to take on difficult issues and work to find resolutions. I value strong relationships and can debate issues while treating others with dignity.