I am proud to declare my candidacy for Davis County Commissioner. I have experience in private sector, local government, State, and Federal government. I have profound understanding of governance, a track record of success, and an unwavering dedication to the prosperity of Davis County and a commitment to Republican principles. Davis County is at a crossroads for the future. I believe the County Commission has a strong responsibly to represent the Davis County Republican Voter. Many communities throughout the USA are in a state of decay. The decisions we make today will determine if Davis County stays vibrant or decays. It is extremely important that the Commission safeguards our Davis County and doesn’t fall to political “wokeness” (that leads to bad decisions), bad policy, moral decay, and unwise development that turns Davis County into other declining counties. We can do better, and we need to do better to make sure Davis County stays a vibrant and successful county.

DCRP Platform Disclosure

I AGREE with ALL areas of the Platform

DCRP Candidate Questions

Q. Clearly articulate your position as it relates to the Davis County Republican Constitution principles and values and how you will implement those principles and values in your decision-making. 75 words or less

A. As a Davis County Republican, I uphold the Davis County Republican Constitution, prioritizing VOTERS FIRST. Local government bears the serious responsibility of representing voters. Core beliefs include wise spending, individual freedom, and community cooperation. Rejecting “woke” ideology, we value hard work. I champion these principles, advocating for wise spending, freedom, and self-reliance. I strive for Voter success, mentoring and aiding those in need.

Q. If you do not agree with any of the principles and values of the Davis County Republican Constitution, provide why you do not agree and offer an alternate position and support that position. 75 words or less

A. I have no issues with the Davis County Republican Constitution’s principles. I prioritize Voters First, aligned with our Constitution. Yet, I’m concerned about far-left infiltration. I already faced personal attacks via email and phone, even attacks about my family. One very liberal (far-left) county delegate admitted supporting my “conservative” opponent. This coordinated left effort, supporting a candidate claiming left views, is alarming. I oppose such candidates not upholding conservative values.

Q. Governing is difficult work and requires standing for positions that may be unpopular or are popular. In either case, your approach to advocate for positions requires leadership skills. Please describe in detail your decision-making process and your ability to negotiate with others to put forward your ideas and approaches. 75 words or less

A. I can lead, cooperate, and secure options for VOTERS FIRST. The County Commission, with three elected positions, demands cooperation. Dedicated Commissioners are imperative. Prioritizing VOTERS FIRST and addressing fiscal responsibility, high-density housing, and homelessness is crucial. Neglecting our communities isn’t an option. Informed decisions, with voters’ voices heard, are paramount. Standing for VOTERS, despite opposition, is necessary. I’m committed to cooperation, ensuring the best decisions for VOTERS FIRST.