Angie Petty is a proud resident of South Weber, Davis County’s northernmost city, where she lives with her incredible husband of 16 years and their 3 amazing kids. Currently serving on the City Council, she has relied on her conservative values as she has led the city during its most pivotal time of growth and strategic planning during her nearly 7 years as a council member. She has served in several capacities during her tenure, including: Chair of the Municipal Utilities Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Youth City Council, as well as Vice-Chair of the Public Relations Committee, and as Gravel Pit Liaison. She is currently serving her second year as Mayor Pro Tempore.
Angie takes her role on the city council seriously and appreciates the trust her fellow residents have placed in her to be a steward of their wonderful city. She looks forward to representing Davis County with the same level of leadership and fiscal responsibility.

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