Caucus Information

Caucus is March 20th. Arrive early to sign-in. Meetings start at 7pm.

What are Neighborhood Caucus Elections?

Neighborhood Caucus Elections are gatherings of politically like-minded people that live in the same neighborhood or Precinct.

These regularly conducted meetings are based on political party rules and guidelines and are the most basic and accessible grassroots level of government.

Everything You Need to Know About Caucus Night********** KMV CAUCUS NIGHT VIDEO **********
Rob Anderson

Objection to Chairman Anderson’s Action

The Executive Committee of the Davis County Republican Party (DCRP) objects to the recent action taken by Chairman Robert Anderson to discontinue the UTGOP lawsuit against SB54. Such action is[…]

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Substantiated Ethics Complaints Against Rob Anderson

Ethics Complaints Substantiated against former Davis County Republican Party Chair Rob Anderson Press Release, November 2, 2017 In a closed executive session on Thursday, November 2, 2017, the Davis County[…]

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Organizing Convention Election Results

Party Officer Results DCRP Chair: Teena Horlacher DCRP Vice Chair: Helen Watts DCRP Secretary: Brady Jugler DCRP Treasurer: Julie Johnson State Central Committee Results Teena Horlacher (379) Brady Jugler (372) Helen Watts (367) Tyler Moss[…]

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Party Leadership

Teena Horlacher


Helen Watts

Vice Chair

Brady Jugler


Keith Major


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