DCRP Leadership

You can find your Precinct, Legislative District, and Senate District on your Voter Registration card. If you don’t have it handy, the State has a tool to help you find out what Precinct you’re in. Once you know your Precinct, you can find your Legislative and Senate Districts here.

Party Officers

ChairDaniela Hardingdanielahardingutah@gmail.com
Vice-ChairDevin Wiserdevinwiser1@gmail.com
SecretaryPatrick Russosecretary@davisgop.org
TreasurerDan BrimhallDCRPtreasurer@gmail.com

Legislative Districts

Leg 11 ChairTobin Hagentobinhagen@gmail.com
Leg 11 Vice ChairRyan Jonesnextjoneration8@gmail.com
Leg 12 ChairTawra Toblerimtawra@gmail.com
Leg 12 Vice ChairJeff Turnerjeffht@gmail.com
Leg 13 ChairBrian Downardzipzapthat@ymail.com
Leg 13 Vice ChairDavid Jonessuretyres@yahoo.com
Leg 14 ChairDanielle Thompsondaniellet732@gmail.com
Leg 14 Vice ChairVacant
Leg 15 ChairAriel Defayarieldefay@gmail.com
Leg 15 Vice ChairRon Frasureronfrasure1@gmail.com
Leg 16 ChairLilian Bitneropera73@gmail.com
Leg 16 Vice ChairVacant
Leg 17 ChairMarc Vanoenemvanoene2@gmail.com
Leg 17 Vice ChairVacant
Leg 18 ChairSherry Paulsherrylynnpaul@gmail.com
Leg 18 Vice ChairKevin Poffpoffkevin@aol.com
Leg 19 ChairBrandon Thackerbthacker801@juno.com
Leg 19 Vice ChairBryce Hansenbrycekhansen@gmail.com
Leg 20 Chair Amy Cowleyamy24cowley@gmail.com
Leg 20 Vice ChairLisa Bradshawlisabradshaw0129@icloud.com

Senate Districts

Sen 4 ChairMaria Nelsonmariasnelson@mac.com
Sen 4 Vice ChairVacant
Sen 5 ChairVacant
Sen 5 Vice ChairVacant
Sen 6 ChairJesse Barociojesse@barocio.net
Sen 6 Vice ChairSpencer Horrocksspencer.a.horrocks@gmail.com
Sen 7 ChairChristy Jacobscbjacobs@gmail.com
Sen 7 Vice ChairVacant
Sen 8 ChairStafford Palmieristafford.palmieri@icloud.com
Sen 8 Vice ChairChristian Bahrckbahr@gmail.com

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

ChairDee Larsen
Vice-ChairHelen Watts