Elected Officials

Federal Delegation serving Davis County

U.S. Senators

Mike Lee
Mike Lee

Mitt Romney

U.S. House of Representatives

Blake Moore, District 1

Chris Stewart, District 2

Delegation to the State of Utah serving Davis County

Utah State Senators serving Davis County


Gregg Buxton
Gregg Buxton, District 4

Ann Millner, District 5

Jerry Stevenson, District 6

Stuart Adams, District 7

Todd Weiler
Todd Weiler, District 8

Utah State Representatives serving Davis County


Katy Hall, District 11


Mike Schulz, District 12


Karen Peterson, District 13

Karianne Lisonbee
Karianne Lisonbee, District 14


Brad Wilson, District 15


Trevor Lee, District 16

Stewart Barlow
Stewart Barlow, District 17


Paul Cutler, District 18

Raymond Ward
Raymond Ward, District 19

Melissa Garff Ballard
Melissa Garff Ballard, District 20

Delegation to Davis County

Davis County Elected Officials

Kelly Sparks
County Sheriff: Kelly Sparks

Troy Rawlings
County Attorney: Troy Rawlings

Richard Maughan
County Recorder: Richard Maughan

Mark Altom
County Treasurer: Mark Altom

Max Elliott
County Surveyor: Max Elliott

County Assessor: Lisa Manning

Curtis Koch
County Auditor: Curtis Koch

County Clerk: Brian McKenzie

Davis County Commissioners

Randy Elliot
Randy Elliot

Lorene Kamalu
Lorene Kamalu

Bob Stevenson
Bob Stevenson