The Davis County Republican Party is funded primarily by its members: you, the voters in Davis County. We don’t charge dues. We don’t require monetary donations in order to participate. All donations are voluntary.

Donations help the Party to elect Republicans to Office in Davis County as well as support and promote our Platform. Party funds are also used to pay for facilities used for Caucus Night, Meet the Candidate events, and other Party functions.

There are many ways that you can help keep the Party strong.

Make a Contribution

Donate to the DCRP via PayPal

Donate using PayPal

If you’d prefer, you may make a one-time contribution in any amount to the Davis County Republican Party at any time. Contributions are accepted online, at any meeting of the DCRP through our “Pass the Can” program, or directly to any of the Party Officers.


Become a Sustaining Member

Become a Sustaining Member of the Davis County Republican Party by making a regular donation to support the operations and activities of the Party.

Sustaining Members support the Davis County Republican Party by committing from $5/month.

Contribution Level

Attend a Lincoln Day Dinner

The Lincoln Day Dinner is the primary fund-raising activity of the Party. Held annually, it’s a great way to meet fellow-minded Republicans, meet and hear from elected officials, and join together in a patriotic evening with food, fun, and friends.

Individual and couple’s tickets can be purchased in advance, or you may sponsor an entire table. Additionally, individuals and businesses may sponsor the event.



Contributions come in more forms than just monetary contributions. Members of the DCRP Central and Executive Committees, as well as Party Officers are not paid, and donate their time and talents to the Party.

Likewise, any member of the Party is invited to attend any meeting and contribute in any manner they can.

In the 2014 election cycle, we were able to coordinate volunteers to help Republican candidates distribute signs, promotional materials, participate in “honk-and-wave” activities, and help get the word out. Our Teenage Republicans even hosted meet-the-candidate nights.

We welcome all like-minded individuals to get involved and help keep the party a strong tool for The People.