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UTGOP: Updates on Caucus and Conventions

Utah GOP

Dear Republican Friends,

Earlier today, Governor Herbert announced that public gatherings in Utah should be limited to 100 people. He also recommended that for individuals who are either immunocompromised or over the age of 60, gatherings should be limited to 20 people. Many of the schools—where our caucus night gatherings are scheduled to occur—have also announced that they will not allow facilities to be used for any event that would violate the Governor’s request.

For the Utah Republican Party, the safety of our members is our paramount concern. In light of the recommendations by state health officials and our Governor, the Utah Republican Party will comply with this directive and postpone our March 24 caucus night meetings.

As we announced last night, we will also be restructuring our state convention format, and will not host an in-person convention on April 25. The vetting and candidate voting traditionally associated with the Republican State Nominating Convention will still occur, but it will operate primarily in an online format. While candidates and delegates may still meet during this time, we would encourage them to be cautious, and do so in a format that complies with the Governor’s request.

In 2018, the caucus attendees for the Utah Republican Party selected 4000 delegates state-wide, with their election continuing until they were replaced in a subsequent caucus meeting election. As the terms of those delegates have not yet expired, those state delegates will continue to serve as state delegates for our 2020 convention election process. We thank them, in advance, for their service, and will immediately begin reaching out to those delegates to notify them. We will also work with our county parties to assist them in making similar accommodations that comply with the Governor’s request.

As a party, we are excited about the opportunity to incorporate the latest technology in the candidate vetting and selection process. This is something we have been working on for a while, and while the timing is not what we had planned, we are confident that our delegates will find the process both enjoyable and rewarding.

Derek Brown

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