DCRP: Updates on Caucus and Conventions

Photo of Davis County by John Nefastis

Dear Davis County Republicans,

Last night, UTGOP Chair Derek Brown called an emergency meeting in relation to COVID-19 for all County Chairs and Vice-Chairs to discuss our 2020 caucus night and county conventions. DCRP Vice-Chair Karece Thompson and I joined in on the call, which was very productive and insightful. I thank Chairman Brown and his team for their excellent guidance as we navigate through this uncharted territory.

As a DCRP leadership, it is paramount that we are completely transparent with our membership at all times. Thus, we will be giving regular updates via Facebook, email and other forms of communication to ensure that our membership is fully apprised of this situation. Party Officers are currently working to make some decisions with our Executive Committee. As those decisions are made, we will disseminate this information quickly. Please be patient as we work through the process. We would also greatly appreciate that our membership refrain from negative comments on our social media platforms . Feel free to talk to us directly with your concerns. We are more than willing to listen and assist in any way that we can.

So far this is the information that we have ready to share:

  1. Caucus night is postponed to a later date yet to be determined. Caucus night is NOT cancelled entirely. Caucus must take place this year as our bylaws state that it must happen in an even-numbered year.
  2. County and State Delegates elected in 2018 will serve as our County and State delegates for 2020. We will begin verifying this weekend our county and state delegates. Each delegate will be personally contacted to make certain that they will be able to serve. We will also be working with our certified parliamentarian and constitution and Bylaws committee to ensure that our bylaws are followed exactly when it comes to delegate replacement.
  3. Our County Convention will be on April 18, 2020 as previously scheduled but will be undergoing some adjustments. All Constitution and Bylaw Changes as well as Resolutions will be postponed to a later convention and will not take place at this convention. Since this is a nominating convention, we will focus primarily on our candidates and their races. To that end, we are working with the GOP state party to determine electronic voting alternatives for our contested races. This information will be forthcoming soon as decisions are made by party officers and our Executive Committee.

Finally, please allow me a moment of personal privilege. I would like to thank the many people who have reached out to me with kind comments via phone calls, texts and emails. It is so very appreciated. I am so proud of our DCRP leadership team as well as our Executive Committee members and DCRP SCC members for their swift response in contacting me and asking what needs to be done. This is a temporary setback for us. But the comeback will be greater than the setback. We will continue to laser focus on our goals as a DCRP despite this obstacle. We will come out of this experience stronger and even more united.

My fellow Republicans, it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to serve with each one of you. Thank you all for your time, service and contributions to the Davis County Republican Party.

Kindest Regards,

Daniela Harding
DCRP Chair