Davis County Republican Party

Caucus Night Explained

Everything you want to know about your Davis County Republican Caucus Night

Common Questions about Caucus Night:

What is Caucus? Utah’s political process begins every two years in neighborhood caucuses throughout the state where members of each precinct vote for delegates to represent them at county and state party conventions. Delegates then attend the conventions to vote for candidates that will then face each other in the public general election.

This year you will be able to cast your Republican Presidential Preference ballot at your Neighborhood Caucus in person or online.

When is Caucus? March 22nd, 2016 at 7PM. Please arrive early to credential (get checked in). Click here to add to my calendar.

Where is my precinct meeting? Click here (or scroll down to bottom of this post) to find where your precinct is meeting (and which room).

To which precinct do I belong? Fill out this simple form to identify to which precinct you belong.

What should I bring? A photo ID (i.e. drivers license) is required for identification. Also, we are asking all attendees to bring a $1 donation to help cover party expenses. Or make an donation online. Note: A donation is not required to participate.  All donations are voluntary.

Can I vote online for president? Yes. Instead of voting at the caucus meeting you have the option of voting for president online. Register here and opt to vote online. Note: you can still attend caucus but will not participate in the presidential voting.

Who can participate in a neighborhood precinct caucus? Anyone can attend a caucus meeting, however, in order to participate in your neighborhood caucus you must live in the precinct, be at least 18 years of age by the general election date, and be a registered Republican or affiliate as a Republican.

What if I haven’t registered to vote yet? Please register to vote as soon as possible and affiliate with the republican party. Click here to register online or click here to print your register form.

What do delegates and precinct officers do? Delegates represent their precinct at county and state party conventions where they vote for candidates who will go on to public primary or general elections. Precinct officers represent their precinct on the governing body of the political party and work to get Republican candidates elected.

Can I see and/or update my voter profile? Click here to view your voter profile. If you need to update or change your address, please click here.

What are the deadlines to register to vote? Click here to see voter registration deadlines.

Who is running for office in Davis County? Here is an up-to-date list of all candidates running for office in Davis County.

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