Davis County Republican Party

Thanks For Visiting DCRP at the Fair

Special thanks to all the volunteers, officers and elected officials who visited and worked at the Davis County Republican booth at the Fair.

We were able to register lots of voters and meet the wonderful people of Davis County.

Here are the official President of the United States straw poll results gathered from Fair goers.

Davis County Fair Booth Straw Poll Results

Jen Bush -14
Ben Carson -67
Chris Christie -1
Ted Cruz -41
Carly Fiorina -18
Jim Gillmore -1
Lindsey G -3
Mike Huckabee -1
Bobby Jindal -0
John Kasich -3
George Patake- 0
Rand Paul -17
Rick Perry -0
Marco Rubio -21
Rick Santorum -0
Donald Trump- 32
Scott Walker -3
Other -47

The top candidate was Ben Carson, followed by Ted Cruz in second place, and Donald Trump in third.

Who do you think will win POTUS in 2016?

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