Davis County Republican Party

2015 Organizing Convention Results

Davis County Republican Party

Thank you all for attending the 2015 Davis County Republican Party Organizing Convention, held May 16th, 2015! We had an enormous show of support with over 500 Delegates in attendance!

Resolutions and DCRP Constitution Changes

Party Officer Election Results

Senate Districts

Senate 18 Chair: Tamerah Dortzbach
Senate 18 Vice Chair: Marcy McQuiston

Senate 20 Chair: Dan Macfarlane
Senate 20 Vice Chair: Beverly Macfarlane

Senate 21 Chair: Roland Whitesides
Senate 21 Vice Chair: Keith Linam

Senate 22 Chair: Dan Christensen
Senate 22 Vice Chair: Shirley Bouwhuis

Senate 23 Chair: Kathleen Anderson
Senate 23 Vice Chair: Joseph Rust

Legislative Districts

Leg 11 Chair: Julieann Johnson
Leg 11 Vice Chair: Mark Pearce

Leg 12: Geoff Handy

Leg 13 Chair: Greg Lundell
Leg 13 Vice Chair: Linda Arnold

Leg 14 Chair: Lemar Luke
Leg 14 Vice Chair: Brady Jugler

Leg 15 Chair: Teena Horlacher
Leg 15 Vice Chair: Wade Farraway

Leg 16 Chair: Dan Bowman
Leg 16 Vice Chair: Dee Larson

Leg 17 Chair: Kathy Sutherland
Leg 17 Vice Chair: Jim Harris

Leg 18 Chair: Lee Skabelund
Leg 18 Vice Chair: Janice Legler

Leg 19 Chair: Brandon Thacker
Leg 19 Vice Chair: Chesley Martin

Leg 20 Chair: Bruce Oblad
Leg 20 Vice Chair: Tyler Farrer

State Central Committee

The official results of the DCRP SCC Election are listed below. The candidate names are in the same order they were listed on the ballot. Their tabulation ranking and number of votes are listed in the two right columns. One of the number 2 vote getters is Heather Gardner, who as our newly elected Vice-Chair, is already an SCC member, therefore the new slate goes through #14, Brady Jugler. As alternates are needed, they will be selected in successive order.

  1. Don Guymon
  2. Heather Gardner
  3. Joseph Rust (tie for #2 spot)
  4. Lee Skabelund
  5. Don Redd
  6. Julie Edwards
  7. Scott Balaich
  8. Todd Weiler (tie for #7 spot)
  9. Keith Major
  10. Lemar Luke
  11. Elaine Oaks
  12. Janice Legler (tie for #11 spot)
  13. Marilyn Stevens
  14. Brady Jugler
  15. Karianne Lisonbee
  16. Phill Wright
  17. Brenda Raccula
  18. Bret Millburn
  19. Joe Levi
  20. Brian Namba
  21. JoAnn Hansen
  22. Drew Chamberlain
  23. Dwight Stringham
  24. Doug Smith
  25. DJ Schanz
  26. Marlo Oaks


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