2013-2015 DCRP Chair and Vice Chair Bios

2013-2015 DCRP Chair and Vice Chair Bios

Phill with BeardPhill Wright was elected Chair of the DCRP in May of 2013 and will serve a two year term.

Phill is a resident of Bountiful, Utah.  He and his wife Shaun have been married since 1982. They are the parents of seven children and six grandchildren.  They have lived in Bountiful since 1997.  He is an AVP with Goldenwest Credit Union, and works out of the Bountiful office. He is a top producer with over 30 years in the financial services industry. Phill is a BYU alumni, where he studied Communications and Public Relations. He is also a recently published author with his new novel series, starting with Not Without Mercy: The Black Death, and followed by Not Without Mercy: The Passage Home.

Phill has been a member of the Republican Party since he was old enough to vote in 1980. He cast his first vote for Ronald Reagan in his successful presidential bid for the White House.  He has never missed voting in any local, state or national election.

He was born in California and raised in Georgia.  He served an LDS mission in North Carolina from 1980-1982. He married Shaun McKinney in December, just one and a half months after returning from his mission.

After finishing his studies at BYU in 1985, he and his wife and first child moved to San José, California where they lived until 1994, at which time they moved to Spokane, Washington until 1997.

According to Phill, the Republican Party was very different in Northern California than it is in Utah.  In California, there is no caucus system so only the wealthy and popular candidates ever make it to the Republican ballot, and unfortunately, most Republican candidates do not get elected to office.

He attended his first Utah Caucus in Bountiful in 2000.  He was amazed at how wonderful it was that neighbors actually got together, discussed the issues and then elected their friends to represent them as delegates at the county and state elections.  Two years later he ran to be a delegate, but was not elected.  He ran again in 2004 and was elected as a county delegate, and the Vice Precinct Chair.

He remained active in the Republican Party in Davis County and was later elected as a State and County Delegate.  He ran for Chair of the DCRP in 2012 and lost.  He later became the Chair of the DCRP Ethics Committee. He ran for Vice Chair of the DCRP in 2012 during a special election, and won, and eighteen months later he was elected as Chair.

Phill is a unifier.  He has friends, family members and associates with many different political beliefs, but always tries to find the common ground and bring people together.  He is a strong supporter of the Davis County Republican Party Platform and of the Utah Caucus Convention System.

He welcomes comments and calls, anytime.  His favorite quote; “Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.”

Contact Phill at 801-540-3598
E-mail: phillwright@gmail.com


Joe Levi

Joe Levi was elected to the office of Vice Chair of the Davis County Republican Party to fill the remainder of the term when the prior Vice Chair resigned.

Joe is an Eagle Scout, a husband, and a father of five. He has lived in Davis County his whole life. He loves where he lives and wants to make sure all the little things that made Davis County so memorable for him as a boy are still going to be here for his children, and their children.

How did Joe Levi get involved?

Joe had some very influential teachers in high school that convinced him that our elected officials need to hear from their constituents if we expect them to represent their views. He began writing letters, and became increasingly frustrated when he got no replies, or form letters thanking him for writing, but failing to answer any of his questions, and rarely committing to anything.

He kept writing, but he knew where had to be a better way.

Years later, he and his wife attended their first Neighborhood Caucus Elections. Before he knew it he was elected as Precinct Vice Chair and Alternate Delegate. Soon he was asked to attend the State Convention — with less than two hours’ notice.

When next Caucus was held, his Precinct Chair was unable to attend. He stepped up and ran his first Neighborhood Elections – and was elected Precinct Chair.

Later he was called upon by his Legislative District Chair and was asked to serve as her Vice Chair, to help prepare for the upcoming Neighborhood Elections. Again, he answered the call.

Why did Joe Levi run for Vice Chair?

Unlike Federal, State, and County offices, those elected to Party office are are unpaid. They don’t do it for the money, they donate their time and energy because they believe in the cause – and believe they can be part of the solution.

Joe believed he could be part of the solution.

Who is Joe Levi?

Joe Levi is a Conservative. He flies the Flag. He’s almost always got a copy of the Constitution within arm’s reach.

Being a Patriot means defending our Constitution. Some do that by patrolling our streets or by serving in the armed forces. Others do it by standing up for our neighbors, getting good people elected, then keeping them accountable to We the People.

I miss AmericaJoe doesn’t believe we need “hope and change”. Instead, Joe thinks we need principles, respect, and determination. We need to remember that all of us in this room are on the same team. We need to return to the precepts that our Country was founded upon – precepts which made our Country great.

“I miss America… and with your help, I’m ready to take it back!”