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TARs leadership and recruit at Utah GOP 2014 victory party

TARs Leadership and recruit at 2014 Utah GOP Election Event

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, the Utah Republican Party held its Election Night Party at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center Ballroom. DCRP Chairman Wright and Interim Secretary Jugler along with other members of the DCRP Executive Committee met up with our elected officials as we awaited the vote counts. DCRP Vice Chairman Levi escorted the Teenage Republicans’ Chair and Vice Chair, along with a TARS “recruit” to experience the event and to meet our elected officials.

That night the TARs leadership got to meet:

While others their age were playing with friends or watching TV, our TARs leadership were meeting elected officials and watching history unfold. This was an exciting night as the TARs watched and waited as the U.S. Senate won more Republican seats. These teenages not only knew how many seats we needed to win to regain control in the Senate, but knew why securing those victories was so important.

Teenagers will be voting members of society sooner than parents and grandparents might like to admit. If you’d like to help instill a foundation of Liberty and the understanding of how our Constitutional Republic work, contact Kathy Wilson, TARs Advisor, to find out how to get your children or grandchildren involved!

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