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An open letter from the Chair

Protect Our Neighborhood Elections

I am writing to you and all Republican Party Delegates in Davis County to let you know ONE of the steps we are taking as a Party in Davis County to protect our neighborhood elections, our caucus system.

First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to accept the responsibility to serve your friends and neighbors in your neighborhood, as a delegate. This is a sacred responsibility, and one of the many important parts of our Republic. Our founding fathers understood the pitfalls of a Democracy, where majority rule did not offer any protection to those in the minority. For this reason, they gave us a Republic form of Government with the Constitution of the United States America that protects the rights of ALL citizens, not just the wealthy, politically connected or famous.

A Republic is a representative form of government where we send elected officials to vote in our behalf. We endeavor to elect good, honest, ethical and trustworthy men and women, who we ask to study the issues, the people who could be put in a position of power, and to vote according to the beliefs that bind us together as Republicans.

With first read, one could assume that I am referring to those we send to Washington as members of Congress and the Senate, however, I am referring to YOU, the Delegate.

This fundamental principle of representative government is what assures freedom, a balance of power and the clout of the individual vote. Anyone who tells you that the Utah Caucus System is unfair, that it disenfranchises people or creates a revolving door of incumbency, either does not understand how the caucus system works, they are referring to a Direct Primary, or they are simply lying to you.

The State of Utah has consistently been recognized for years as “The Best Managed State”, “The Best State for Business,” one of only a few States that has a balanced budget and even a surplus. All one needs to do is compare Utah to any other State to discover what makes the difference. The difference is the process we use to vet and elect the best qualified candidates who share our values, beliefs and conservative form of government.

Unlike the other States, we use our Neighborhood Elections to exercise our Republic form of government, by choosing delegates and empower them to vote in our behalf. Obviously, the State of Utah is a wonderful example of why the Caucus System works and the State of California is a great example of what happens without a caucus system!

Why would anyone want to do away with this system that works so well? Perhaps, they are tired of their unelectable candidates with special interest group ties, or political ideas that run contrary to the average Utah voter, not winning elections. If these big money candidates did not have to be vetted by informed delegates, they could simply spend millions on professionally produced Primary propaganda, and essentially buy an election. Remember, our government is not a Democracy where every citizen votes on every piece of legislation, instead as a Republic, we send representatives to study the issues and vote on our behalf.

It is the SAME with our neighborhood elections caucus/convention system. Don’t be fooled by the disingenuous Count My Vote crowd, all one has to do is the opposite of what the Wizard told Dorothy, and pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Look at the big money donors of CMV.

These are not your neighbors, they are they who have big special interest money and want to BUY the vote for their special interest candidates. And just for the record, The Utah Democrat Party also supports our caucus system, and many leaders in the Democrat Party are working with Republicans to fight this threat to our neighborhood elections.

A group called UTAH FIRST has been organized to fight Count My Vote. Your donation of $3, $5, or $10 is needed right away. Thousands of small donations will allow us to win against these SPECIAL INTEREST elites. To Donate CLICK HERE.

This is the political fight of our lives in Utah. If we lose the neighborhood caucus system, we lose the finest grassroots system in the country, BAR NONE! PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!


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