What you need to know about voting this year

What you need to know about voting this year

Vote By Mail

Though November is still a little way down the road, the Davis County Clerk/Auditor has selected to use Vote By Mail for this year’s election. Love it or hate it, this means that ballots are going to start showing up at in mailboxes in the next few weeks.

To help you understand how Vote By Mail works, the Clerk/Auditor’s office recently sent out an email with a video to help explain the process and show a little bit of the behind-the-scenes action after they receive your ballot.

We had a great experience during the primary election in Davis County using a Vote By-Mail system. Of the 26,460 voters that participated in the election there were 25,326 who chose to return their by-mail ballot rather than voting on the voting machines. The response from voters was very positive and we had some wonderful opportunities to answer questions about the by-mail process.

The November Election will also be conducted by-mail in Davis County and in an effort to improve communication with our voters we have prepared a short 3 minute video that answers some of the main questions voters have had, such as why we are voting by mail; what the voter should expect; and what happens after the ballot is returned.

We have also addressed some concerns, such as how we ensure that only one vote is counted for each voter, and how we ensure the secrecy and privacy of the voters choices.

We hope this video will help answer some question you may have or that are being asked to you by your constituents and supporters. Please feel free to share this with those you feel may benefit from this information. Also please feel free to like us on our Facebook page where we will be providing regular updates on election events and information.

Thank you,

Brian D. McKenzie, CERA
Elections Manager