2014 School Board Elections

2014 School Board Elections

Utah Board of Education

One of the primary reasons we have partisan elections in the Caucus/Convention system is so Delegates can research the issues that are important to their neighbors, then find candidates that best represent those views for promoting to the Primary and General ballots.

At the last Utah Republican Party State Convention, a resolution was overwhelmingly passed to promote partisan school board elections – to eventually bring School Board candidates under the same system through which you select other elected officials.

In that resolution, county parties were encouraged to host debates for school board candidates.

Open House

To this end, the Teenage Republicans (TARs) of Davis County are hosting an Open House for both Davis County and State School Board candidates. Since these races are still non-partisan, all candidates have been invited.

In our recent County Central Committee meeting, DRCP Chairman Phill Wright reiterated the importance that School Board members play in the education of our children and grandchildren, and underscored the importance of making sure you’re voting for candidates that represent your values.

Please join the TARs and the candidates on Thursday the second of October 2014 at 7pm at the Farmington Fairgrounds.

From the website of the Davis County Recorder’s Office, here are the current candidates (regardless of Party affiliation) for your consideration and research.

State School Board

District 5

  • Laura Belnap, 801-699-7588, lbelnap@utahonline.org
  • Mark Bouchard, 801-725-1289, k.e.bouchard@hotmail.com
  • Breck England, 801-231-2215, (no email address provided) (withdrew)

Davis School District

Boundary map from the Davis County School District website.

District 3

  • David Nelson, 801-451-6827, dsnbln@gmail.com
  • Julie Tanner, 801-497-0502, juliemtanner@gmail.com

District 5

  • Gordon Eckersley, 801-628-5287, eckersleygs@gmail.com
  • David Lovato, 801-771-0587, dlovato@dsdmail.net

District 6

  • Mona Andrus, 801-721-3140, mona.andrus@gmail.com
  • Thomas Waggoner, 801-825-5651, waggotojoan@gmail.com

District 7

  • Tamara Lowe, 801-776-0870, tlowe@dsdmail.net
  • Freddie Cooper, 801-773-2426, freddiecooper1@comcast.net

(Candidates, if you would like your information changed, or your name hyperlinked, please contact Joe Levi or Brady Jugler.)