DCRP Leadership

Party Officers

Chair, Teena Horlacher


Vice Chair, Helen Watts


Secretary, Brady Jugler


Treasurer, Keith Major


Legislative Districts

You can find your Precinct, Legislative District, and Senate District on your Voter Registration card. If you don’t have it handy, the State has a tool to help you find out what Precinct you’re in. Once you know your Precinct, you can find your Legislative and Senate Districts here.

Leg 11 Chair Mark Pearce 801-479-9546 markpearce5@yahoo.com
Vice Chair Glen Godfrey 801-698-2775 Godfreyg6@msn.com
Leg 12 Chair Travis Larsen 801-388-2173 thatfam@gmail.com
Vice Chair Steve Alexander
Leg 13 Chair Casey Fisher 801-678-2304 caseyfisher.cf@gmail.com
Vice Chair Kenny Gray 801-718-4969 kenny.grayfox@icloud.com
Leg 14 Chair Keith Malnar 801-706-5343 kmalnar@comcast.net
Vice Chair Yolanda Fredrickson 801-645-2007 yolandafredrickson@gmail.com
Leg 15 Chair Kathy Wilson 801-864-0972 missionparis@comcast.net
Vice Chair Joy Petro
Leg 16 Chair Daniela Harding 801-824-9757 danielakolb@hotmail.com
Vice Chair Dee Larsen 801-643-5257 deelarsen33@gmail.com
Leg 17 Chair Jim Harris 801-645-7903 mij.sirrah@gmail.com
Vice Chair Jen (Jennifer) Gardner 801-513-8488 helpmejen@yahoo.com
Leg 18 Chair Grover Marsh 801-292-4515 / 801-317-6290 gmarsh1960@gmail.com
Vice Chair Kyle Smith 801-425-8251 kyle.gop@outlook.com
Leg 19 Chair Chesley Martin 801-870-8373 chezbo1@msn.com
Vice Chair Sylvia Fisk sylvhu4@aol.com
Leg 20 Chair Bruce Oblad 801-597-7133 bruce.oblad@gmail.com
Vice Chair Mathew Thacker 801-867-9768 mtvanguard@gmail.com

Senate Districts

Senate 18 Chair Eric Short 801-475-4427 ericmshort@gmail.com
Vice Chair Steve Rice 801-698-7600 src.const@gmail.com
Senate 20 Chair Linda Arnold 801-773-5414 lindaarnold1962@gmail.com
Vice Chair Matt Bibo 801-779-9873 mpab@hotmail.com
Senate 21 Chair Karece Thompson 385-383-5600 K.THOMPSONDCRPVCCF5@gmail.com
Vice Chair Olivia Horlacher  801-807-8972
Senate 22 Chair Dikki Spendlove 801-573-3509 dikki@dea.org
Vice Chair Kathy Sutherland 801-540-1720  kathybeaver@peoplepc.com
 Senate 23 Chair Elaine Oaks 801-859-9522 elaineoaks.dcrp@gmail.com
Vice Chair Brandon Thacker 801-298-7168 / 801-928-6633 bthacker801@juno.com

Constitution/Bylaws Committee

Chair Lemar Luke 801-644-4680 lemarluke@comcast.net
Vice Chair Janice Legler 801-593-1755 gopjanice@gmail.com