Rep. Jason Chaffetz

“We better produce, or they’ll kick us out, too!”

Shortly after this year’s historic elections, Representative Jason Chaffetz had something shocking to say. “We better produce, or they’ll kick us out, too!” Finally, your message is getting through. Finally, a politician has publicly acknowledged the real seat of power in our Republic: it’s YOU! In a direct-to-primary system (like SB54 is trying to force…
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Congratulations to our Davis County Elected Officials! Another Republican Sweep to Victory!

Congratulations to our Davis County Elected Officials!  Another Republican Sweep to Victory! Election Night 2014 was a night to remember!  Not only did the Republican Party gain seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, but we gained enough seats in the U.S. Senate to take control away from the liberal progressive agenda of Harry Reid…
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It wasn’t that long ago that we, as neighbors, met together in our Neighborhood Caucuses to elect Delegates who would represent our views, interests, and concerns while vetting candidates to either send to the ballot. Last night, after the votes were tallied, your candidates swept the election! Every partisan office up for election in Davis County was…
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Vote Here

Where to vote in person

Today is Election Day! It’s officially too late to vote by mail! If you’ve still got your mail-in ballot, take it to your local polling location and turn it in (or surrender it so you can vote there). If you’ve lost your mail-in ballot, don’t fret! Go to your local polling location with your ID,…
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big ballot box

Important Voting Dates

If you have not yet returned your Vote-By-Mail ballot, DO NOT MAIL IT IN! To make sure your ballot arrives on time, it’s likely too late to return it through the postal service. Don’t worry, if you didn’t mail in your ballot, you’re not too late! You can take your completed ballot to the Clerk/Auditor’s…
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Dad's garden

Dad’s Garden

My Android-powered smartphone just gave me a reminder that the 2014 voter registration deadline is tomorrow, October 28th, 2014. That got me thinking…Ever since I turned 18, I’ve felt voting was a vital, integral part of our Republic. My late father, however, had long since thrown in the towel. He was a post-Depression child, reared by…
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The state of the Davis County Republican Party

Election season is here and the candidates that you sent to the ballot are now being voted upon to represent us for years to come. But with new legislation that may change in 2015! People in other states select their candidates at a Primary Election, then vote on them in the General Election in November.…
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Utah Constitution

2014 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

There are three proposed amendments to Utah’s Constitution that are on the ballot this year. Proposed Constitutional Amendment A Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to modify qualifications for members of the State Tax Commission? Current provisions of the Utah Constitution The Utah Constitution directs the State Tax Commission to administer and supervise Utah’s tax laws.…
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Should we retain our judges?

Have you noticed the long list of judges on your ballot? How should you know if you should vote to retain them? Putting together information from surveys and observations, the UJPEC has put together information packets, available on their website, to help you know more about who you’re voting for (or against). Was the judge…
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