2014 Davis County Convention Candidate Election Results

Primary Election Results After the 2014 Davis County Convention was held to select Republican Candidates, a Primary Election was held to narrow the list to those would would go on to the General Election. Click here for the Primary Election Results. County Convention Results The Davis County Republican Party 2014 Convention had 97.2% credentialed delegates.…
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Candidates for Office

The DCRP  delegate information for candidates has been delayed due to technical issues.  We will notify you as soon as it’s available.

Your Neighborhood Caucus: “It’s You that makes the difference!”

[embedplusvideo height=”550″ width=”550″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=ZzovEHPnOWo&width=550&height=550&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2002″ /]   CLICK HERE TO REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM THE CMV PETITION  Fill out a short form and then take it to your County Clerk before May 15th 2014.

Hands Raised, Voices Heard and Votes that Count

We have all heard much about the cleverly named “Count My Vote” initiative. Just the name alone has attracted thousands of signatures from people who want their vote to count. Of course, virtually none of those who signed the petition actually read it, and it’s not like they were encouraged to, prior to signing it.…
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DCRP Caucus Training 2014

The Davis County Republican Party will provide THREE Caucus training times as follows: Saturday, March 8 2014, at Bountiful City Hall at 9:00 AM Saturday, March 8 2014, at Bountiful City Hall at 4:00 PM Wednesday, March 12 2014, at Layton City Hall at 7:00 PM This training is for ALL Precinct Chairs and Vice…
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2014 Caucus Night Training from the UTGOP

The 2014 Utah Republican Party Neighborhood Caucus Elections are March 20th.  The State Party will be training party officers at all levels throughout the state in an effort to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to run your caucus fast, fair, and effectively. From Tuesday through Saturday of each week…
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2014 Utah State Republican Party Neighborhood Caucus Election Rules

The county parties shall organize Neighborhood Caucus Elections according to the following rules, set forth in Bylaws Section 9.0 A and B, as well as those rules approved by the State Central Committee as provided in Section 9.0 C. These rules have been designed to promote a welcoming, open, and efficient neighborhood caucus election experience.…
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Save Our Neighborhood Elections — Remove Your Name from the CMV Petition

A Republic is a representative form of government where we send elected officials to vote in our behalf. We endeavor to elect good, honest, ethical and trustworthy men and women, who we ask to study the issues, the people who could be put in a position of power, and to vote according to the beliefs that bind us together as Republicans.